1975 MGB

Pre-smog 1975 MGB in very original condition. This car was a frequent driver in Hollywood and has ownership history including a semi famous British rockstar. Car maintains its original engine and four-speed transmission, usable as is but with some room for improvement. The car has new Moss Motors front Springs and a rear suspension lowering kit to bring it down to a chrome bumper ride height, a factory front sway bar has been fitted to improve the cars handling. Recent work includes a new and improved someone to head to replace the cracked prone original one, new Pertronix electronica ignition , new ignition wires, new spark plugs, recent service includes oil change, transmission Oil change, differential change. The brake master cylinder is also new and the brake fluid has been flushed and replaced with new within the last six months. The driveshaft and you joints have them replaced with a new unit within the last 1,000 miles. Transmission shifts as it should, differential is quiet.

$6,900 USD

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